Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lincoln summer sounds: Jazz in June

Some of Lincoln’s finest people watching and street food also happen to coincide with a free jazz concert in June. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Yes, I finally made it to the aptly named “Jazz in June” last week. This event, located on UNL’s campus in the Sheldon sculpture garden, is a summer concert staple in its 24th season.

It was impressive. And confusing—where did all these people from?! I know, Lincoln has a population of 250,000. Sometimes I forget. I just wasn’t expecting this many people to congregate in the Sheldon’s sculpture garden after work on a Tuesday. 

Or at least, I wasn’t expecting enough people to merit multiple “recycling stations,” myriad volunteers and even a UNL bike valet (which is, by the way, a brilliant thing and way more fun than a car valet—not that I would know.)

I guess good street food and people watching will do that. And jazz, of course.

Jazz in June Lincoln Nebraska
The jazz aficionados, in their natural habitat.
The music is great. It’s jazz, after all, so you know what you’re in for and can’t really go wrong. Especially when Jazz in June hosts a lineup of talented musicians from across the country. 

Actually seeing the musicians, however, is a bit more challenging. The gardens are packed to capacity for this event and prime seats go fast.

But why watch the musicians when you’re in Lincoln’s prime people-watching locale? The crowds are half the fun. My sister and I even spotted a George Clooney look-alike. 

We really did watch the musicians for most of some of the night, as well as the few brave couples who got up from their lawn chairs to try some jazz moves. My sister and I joined them by the end of the night. Because when in Lincoln, and when at Jazz in June… You dance. 

Or at least enjoy the people watching. 

—Lincoln from a local

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