Friday, June 19, 2015

What's the buzz about Lincoln? And why I’m writing Lincoln From a Local

State capitol from the inner courtyard. 

As a recent college grad, I distinctly remember how many jobs I applied to in Lincoln, Nebraska.


I was raised in Omaha, left “the Good Life” for college and was open to living just about anywhere after graduation. 

Lincoln, however, was not on that list.

Chalk it up to an Omahan sense of urban superiority, a mental dismissal of Lincoln as a college town or a disdain for returning to the city on my birth certificate, but Lincoln was definitely not on that list. 

As for the one job I applied to in Lincoln? Well, that’s the job decided to take. And I don't think I'm alone. As students and young professionals seek affordable places to start their careers, this capital city has some perks.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Lincoln had a 2.1% unemployment rate as of April this year. The city consistently figures into Top 10 lowest unemployment lists, placing third in this report from Forbes Magazine.

As a native Nebraskan, I already knew the Midwest trended toward low unemployment. I didn't know the city had a growing number of startups, joining Omaha and Kansas City on the Silicon Prairie. Lincoln entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the city’s affordability, strong economy and close-knit community; the city place third on Nerdwallet’s “Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs to Start Small Businesses.” 

It didn't surprise me, then, when Lincoln recently appeared on CBS News' “Best up-and-coming towns for college grads.” A year and a half after my own move, I’d have to agree with their assessment. Lincoln is up-and-coming, just like the college grads it’s attracting.

I want to show you a bit of my Lincoln: the quirky and the quintessential. I want to show you Lincoln, apart from the data-driven lists and tourist branding. (Nebraska is Nice don’t ya know?) 

I may show you the three best falafel finds or where to go sailing (yes, sailing) near Lincoln. Or tell you my top tips for faking Husker fandom. 

If you’re new to this city, maybe I can let you in on a few things to do, eat, see or experience. If you’ve been here awhile, maybe you can let me know what I’m missing. Whether you’re a student, a college graduate, a young (or “old”) professional, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes Lincoln, Lincoln. 

—Lincoln from a local*

*Local may be a stretch, but I'll try to pull it off. Plus, alliteration.

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  1. I had no idea about cabbage buns at Leon's Grocer. Good find, and good blog topic!