Friday, July 10, 2015

Learn to Race a Sailboat—in Nebraska

I recently had the privilege of joining the Lincoln Sailing Club for a day on the water (and some of it on land.) The occasion? Learning how to race a sailboat. They invited members of the Lincoln Young Professional Group out to Branched Oak Lake, where we learned the ropes on their snipe fleet. 

Sailing, as I heard often throughout the day, is the most fun you’ll ever have—a simple but true mantra. The club’s official mission is to promote and encourage the sport of sailing and sailboat racing, something they clearly take to heart. 

They welcomed the Lincoln YPG-er’s into the group and soon had us speaking some sailboat terminology. In just a few short hours, we knew the difference between tacking and jibing (ok, some of us—I was a little slow.) And by the end of the day, we’d all sailed in a bona fide sailboat race.

The 50-member club facilitates sailboat racing most Sundays, and the public is invited to watch. They also plan to host another sailing seminar this summer. Interested in joining the fun?  Just contact a member of the Lincoln Sailing Club.

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