Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The best of Lincoln food trucks: Nitro Burger

When I think ‘50s diner, a few things come to mind: old-school decor, jukeboxes and delicious burgers. Nitro Burger has all of this—plus mobility. The food truck calls itself “half food truck, half eat-in ‘50s diner,” and serves a wide array of burgers, hand-cut fries and ice cream. 

How can you find Nitro Burger in Lincoln? The roving burger truck keeps customers updated through their Facebook page and Twitter. They aren’t the only ones to use social media as a platform for engagement and updates. The food-truck-and-social-media-phenomenon started in L.A. with Korean BBQ and has been going strong ever since. 

Food trucks and Facebook: The perfect pairing.

My first trip to Nitro Burger was an eat-in affair, as coworkers and I bid adieu to a member of our team. What better way to say Happy Trails! than with burgers on a bus*

*Plot twist. Nitro Burger is actually a re-purposed school bus, but I’d say it still fits into the food truck category. If you’re curious to see how they made a school bus into a retro eatery, check out this photo montage. 

My second Nitro Burger experience didn't require a trip; the bus drove over to my place of employment and set up shop in the parking lot. They’ve got an entire catering section listed on their website, so if you “Want to See Nitro Bus At Your Next Event?” then just fill out the form on the homepage. 

Both times, Nitro's burgers lived up my relatively high expectations—a tough feat, seeing as Lincoln probably has one of the highest per-capita burger restaurants in the country. I've tried both their Acapulco burger and the class Stars and Stripe. Rather than bore you to tears with my non-foodie description, I’ll save you the agony and direct you to their menu here.

Not every burger is offered all the time; you’ll have to up your social media game to learn what the Bus is serving and where they’re serving it from. 

Finding them is half the fun—and definitely worth the pursuit.

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