Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pioneers Park: A Self-Guided Tour

Pioneers Park is one of my favorite frolicking spots in Lincoln. Enjoy the green space and trails, but here are the 7 things you should really be doing:

This map is your guide. Pair with descriptions, below, for a true Pioneers experience.

1. Marvel at the bison statue. This majestic guy guards the easternmost entrance of the park, off Coddington Avenue. He foreshadows what’s to come, aka the real deal. (See number seven.) 

The majestic bison. Also probably the reason "Bison Trail" is part of the Lincoln bike system.

2. Continue to the Great Pillars of Ancient Lincoln. Who needs ancient Rome when you’ve got the Great Pillars of Lincoln. They’re perplexing, pretty and provide shade. I’m all for them. I’ve also been told they’re a popular engagement spot. (In addition to the Sunken Gardens.)
Ruins of a bygone era.

3. Go sledding. There’s a great sledding ramp, just west of the main parking lot in the middle of the park. (Confused? See map above.) It’s more of a winter use thing, but I’m sure a blanket/burlap sack would work fine in the summer. Try it and let me know in the comments below. 

4. Check out the Nature Center. This mostly applicable if you have kids, but it’s still cool without ‘em. The Pioneers Park Nature Center has been around since 1963 and, in addition to hosting exhibits, also has various activities available throughout the year. Night hikes, hayrack rides and other (mostly kid-related) events. 
Nature is a beautiful thing. As are Nature Centers.

5. Crash a car show. Or at least, that’s what my sister and I like doing*. The open spaces of Pioneers Park attract all manner of family reunions, car shows and birthday parties. Just stroll through and act like you belong. 
*no photo available for such borderline illicit activities

6. Hit the golf course. I’m not a golfer. I’d consider a golf outing if, and only if, I get to commandeer a cart the entire time. But for the golf aficionados, Pioneers offers the oldest public golf course in Lincoln. The 18-hole course, according to their website, boasts the title of "most rounds played" in Lincoln.

7. Go bison hunting watching. I didn’t believe it until I saw them, but there are real, live bison in Pioneers Park. Part of the park’s mission includes conservation via wildlife sanctuaries, so I guess this explains their presence—if bison count as wildlife. 

On the bison hunt lookout. They're slightly obscured by the wheat-looking grass blades.


  1. Very cool! I like your construction of the "Self-Guided Tour." Keep up the blogging! :)

  2. Thanks, Kathy! Wandering is fun. Wandering with a purpose is even more fun :)